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The military household goods forwarder is only as good as its agents. Ocean-Air is constantly looking for agents to add to our roster of partners in the industry.

Why Represent Ocean-Air International?

  • Focus & Experience - Our sole business is SDDC traffic. There are no distractions or conflicting business priorities. Over the past 35 years, we have been able to build our systems and procedures to offer our agents the best working partnership available.
  • Cash Flow & Stability – Ocean-Air is a profitable company and easily exceeds SDDC financial ratios. By managing our cash flow efficiently and fully utilizing EDI billing to the government, we are able to offer booking agents payment in 20 days from receipt of invoice and completed documents. When the agent signs up for our direct deposit service, 3 to 5 days are cut from your collection cycle. Payments are processed through the ACH system and directly deposited to your account. An email is sent to you giving detailed payment advice including the breakdown on each shipment.
  • Self Haul – Since Ocean-Air does not operate a fleet, we do not compete with the agent for hauling. As a booking agent, you may self haul any shipment booked by your office provided we have a hauling agreement with you or your van line. You also have the opportunity to haul any shipment we place on our available traffic list. As a bonus, Netflow, our subsidiary, has initiated a free industry wide web site to automate and consolidate available traffic lists.
  • Carrier Capacity – When temperatures rise in the summer months, you will appreciate the hauling capacity we have arrayed. Over 100 carriers, including most of the major van lines, top independent carriers and even small regional carriers, provide the backbone of our peak season contract fleet.
  • Score Management – Every shipment is tracked by our TQAP management software. We can determine on-line both current and projected semi-annual scores for a PPSO. Only by accurately tracking the scores for each shipment can you devise an effective strategy for future rate cycles.
  • PPSO Traffic Analysis – Several traffic analysis reports are available for your PPSO. These reports are derived from traffic data published on the SDDC web site combined with public rate files. Traffic volumes and patterns along with carrier rates and channels are presented in a number of formats.
  • Document Management – Ever need a shipping document right now? With our document management web site, you can download it anytime.
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